The Great Vinyl Delivery Date Swindle!


Fantastic response to our Pre-sales. Thank you so much.

After the shut-down in this industry, there has been lot's of doom and gloom, saying things will not come back for another year etc... let's hope your enthusiasm is a…

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PRE-RELEASE!! The Kartoon World of The Korgis!


















Hi guys - Al Steele here. 

The big news is that Kartoon World is available on Pre-release NOW! We are personally signing the first 50 of each product type as an early bird thank you... there are a few still…

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Kartoon World - The first 3 singles.

For a songwriter, having time on your hands is not an issue - so the last year of lockdown has meant we could turn those whirring brains to something big!

Well... here we are 3 singles in, with at least…

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Merry Christmas 2020

Well we are almost at the close of 2020 - Can't Wait! we hear you exclaim!

2020 certainly has been a year to re-assess things, and we have done just that.

Although we weren't really planning it, here we are…

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The Korgis Status Report Mid-2020

Hi guys, and thank you for being so patient in these trying times!

We have had many people asking which gigs are on and which are off. Obviously our lovely little tour of The Netherlands went by the wayside as…

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The Creative Process Behind Magic Money Tree

When the lock-down for Corona Virus suddenly came into play in March 2020, James Warren and Al Steele were right in the middle of a bout of songwriting sessions, and creating musical arrangements for the forthcoming James Warren and his…

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The Best Laid Plans of Korgis and Men!

2020 was shaping up to be our busiest year yet!... but as they say 'The best laid plans of mice and men...'
Of course in these troubling times, our first priority is for safety, both of the band and our…

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Al's end of year Monologue

2019 has been a great year.

Looking back to 2018 when we really only played a couple of gigs - enjoyable and encouraging though they were - this year has been a roller-coaster!
Starting off in Yorkshire and then to…

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John Baker talks Tavistock, and his new amplifier!

Friday at Tavistock was a fantastic gig... the band starting to really gel now.

We even had a dep Keyboard player in called Julian Tucker. What a musician, played sax and flute as well.


Looking forward to celebrating 40 Years…

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Jim's Winter Blog December 2019

Very pleased to confirm that The Korgis live band is getting better all the time!

I think starting with our gig at the absolutely delightful Acapela venue in Cardiff recently and continuing on to The Wharf in Tavistock, we've definitely…

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