the first single from un-united nations is upon us!

Carrying on in the mould of 'Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mister Hitler?' is our brand new single 'Good Old Days of the Cold War'. OUT NOW so PLEASE add to your playlists!

Of course this is on all digital channels and is a front runner for our new TWO ALBUM set. The BLUE album is available NOW!.. also includes an immediate download of the BLUE album.

We think it is our best work to date but we are dying to know what YOU think!

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The next livestream will be on 

April 11th

The Korgis YouTube Live-stream is back! 

The new year of 2024 also marks the release of brand new material for The Korgis, in the form of a double album released in two parts. The BLUE album is on pre-release from Christmas 2023 and the RED album is scheduled for a June release. Here we will talk about each song in turn - how we wrote it - how we recorded it and many more intriguing things! Please join us in this informal chat about our brand new album we are VERY proud of!

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Snippets from Kartoon World reviews

‘Kartoon World’ is the first proper studio album since 1992. And it marks a quantum leap forward in terms of the band’s musical and lyrical scope. We may indeed live in a ‘Kartoon World’, but this album is a monument to the enduring power of love and music, Korgis style. ****½” - Pete Feenstra

— Get Ready To Rock

Every detail has been thought of for the release - we have downloads, CDs, Deluxe CDs, Vinyl - it’s a collector’s dream, but it definitely makes for a sumptuous package and says something about the confidence the band feel about this release - a confidence that is well placed because Kartoon World is an instant classic. Every track is a winner, perfectly born and grown in the studio and minds of The Korgis! 5/5 from us!” - Michael Kennedy

— Welsh Connections

This is a stunning comeback album, after 30 years, from this band. Highly recommended by me and one that should be in your music collection as soon as possible.” - Chris Black

— Nova Radio

Kartoon World reviews

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