From the recording Kartoon World

Al Steele/James Warren/Chris Hopkins

The first new Korgis material of this decade. Magic Money Tree was conceived as a remote writing project that turned into something bigger. A wry commentary on life in the UK during the Corona Virus lock-down. from three very different perspectives.
When all the members of the band can physically get together we will begin adding/replacing parts - but this is where it started.
Featuring Liverpool band Exhibit -1... a glorious dark foil for the lightness of James Warren and the relentless rhythm of Al Steele's writing.


Because there is no, no magic money tree
You just can't pick those, those homeless off the streets,
We got first-rate medicine, and Corporate sponsored pills
It's not like the whole world, will suddenly get ill
No no there is no, no cure for poor man's curse
Give him a cycle, that he can ride to find some work
And stop the spongers, who come from overseas
Bringing their hate Gods, and their overseas disease - Please

No no magic money tree
to believe in
build our dreams in
No no magic money tree
the wind is turning
do you smell burning?

We’re lost
Somewhere down the line our wires got crossed
Tossed around by storms in overdrive
Punished for the crime of being alive

Like a ship without sails
Off the grid and off the scale
Not by chance but all by force
Hopelessly lost and way off course

No no magic money tree
Has love ended?
They say we've spent it
No no magic money tree
Fruits of our labours
Go to rich neighbours
Do you think they'll save us?

I made my millions, stealing from the poor man's purse
We trashed our neighbours. and blamed it on the Turks
Didn't see the horsemen, aiming at the mark
Didn't see the serpent, and the locusts in the dark
I hid my fortune, in a dead man's chest
I saw the sunset, suddenly go west
I felt the wind rise, my sails were torn and tossed
And in that moment, I realised that I, was lost

We're lost