From the recording Kartoon World

John Baker/James Warren/Al Steele

This started out as a straight gospel song, but then we hit upon the idea of going a little more John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band stripped down style. Anyone would swear that the ghost of George Harrison had popped in to play that guitar solo!


You ask if I'm rich, my mother swears you're a witch
But you claim you're an angel, I never could tell
Would you sink in the lake, or burn at the stake?
If God is the wise one, then you'd go to hell

(and you don't seem to know that)
My home is my castle, my heart is enfenced
Then you ride your white horse, to breech my defence
I call my squire, please come quench this fire
You plunder my kingdom, I know its a sin
but now I am warming, to just giving in
The ramparts fall, I can finally call
This castle my home

I wrote you a song, you say it's too long
I share all my dark secrets, and you just laugh
I bring you a rose, you throw out my clothes
You whisper 'I want you', then fall asleep in the bath


I'm no longer alone
You just laugh and say, all roads lead to Rome