1. LaLa Land

From the recording Kartoon World

John Baker/James Warren/Al Steele

A brilliant idea from John Baker which fits in with the broader philosophy of the album... that the greed and the excess is a long way from where we want to be.
LA is perhaps the most graphic example of another perfect day -or perhaps not!


Burgers and bourbon, everyone’s a surfer
Deli's serving rice and kale
To Tesla drivers, on the road to hell
I need somewhere shady, and the gas pump baby
Is tanned, toned and beautiful
But she's looking for a tip, to pay her mama's hospital bill

La La Land, La La Land
It's another perfect day and there's nothing planned
La La Land, La La Land
It may be rock and roll for you
But it's not so rock and roll to me

Gucci bags meet pauper's rags, where Laurel
Canyon once filled with song
Now Silicon Valley says, hurry up and move along
Fitness freaks out on Muscle Beach
Are giving everything they got
While gridlocked highways of seven lanes are all but stopped


We're makin' love on the beach cause it's so warm tonight
Death out on the streets just seems so outta sight