From the recording Kartoon World

John Baker/James Warren/Al Steele

Al Steele thought of the title and John Baker immediately came up with some killer lyrics based on his experiences riding around in vans in the 80's. James solidified it all with a lovely chord sequence and basic groove. All three worked together on the final lyircs.


Back in the eighties
When we were all boys
President Reagan
With Nuclear toys
I had a new Atari
And you were so cool
With your Visage makeup
Breaking all of the rules

When you see that photograph
Of you and me back then
Do you wish that we were still
Back in the eighties

Back in the eighties
When we were all Friends
Bus full of ego's
Never thought it would end
Big hair and Make up
All Spandau Duran
Sail down to Rio
Make it Big in Japan


Everyone's a Prima Donna
Holidaying with Madonna
Microwaves and Broken Cars
Rubik's Cube and VCR's
Your own personal computer
Purple Rain, Back to the future
10cc are yesterday
Guns and Roses Here to stay

Back in the eighties
When we were all lads
President Reagan
Star Wars MAD
You were so certain
We would always be friends
Thought we'd never get older
Never thought it would end


Back in the eighties x4