From the recording Kartoon World

James Warren/Al Steele

Time had a way of burying things, and there are some things our political leaders would like to stay buried. Politics has always been about minimal facts and lots of spin - but never more than it is today, as we enter the murky world of Subliminal advertising on Social Media, and targeted adverts.


I've been burying facts
I've been covering my tracks
I've been staying alert
I've been digging the dirt
On all of your heroes, reduced them to zeros
Nero's got nothing on me, now

While you're making amends
I've been trashing our friends
Ask me did I behave
I'll admit it's a haze
While democracy teeters we make you our leader
The luckiest bleeder is me, now

Time is my healer, I know it will
I've got time to fly and time to kill
Time is just dying to add another
layer to the onion

I've been tinkering with things
I've been pulling the strings
No there's nothing more sad
Than a clown that's gone mad
Every new headline, takes minds off the deadline
The breadline is not for the chosen


I'm untouchable now
I'm a blossoming flower
Keep your eye on the clock
Of this rock and roll plot
Our great pretender, obscures the agenda
Content in the glory of himself


I've been burying facts
I've been covering my tracks
I've been very alert
While I'm digging the dirt
Repent if I could, do you think that I would?
When the good life is just for the chosen, one