From the recording Kartoon World

This song is set in the not too distant future where even your wife can be fake!
We are not so far from the main points in this song being true. We are all slaves to the 'money God' however much we try not to be.


Al Steele/John Baker/James Warren

Picture's, captions, words in bubbles
Everyone has a cartoon double
Say what you want in a page of squares
Its all great fun, no one will care
But off the page, I'm cold and tense
And nothing I do seems to make much sense
There's not too much to shout about
In Disney World when the lights go out
And there's no-one to say 'cut'

We're living in a cartoon world
I'm living with a cartoon girl
She's sweet in every way, loves me any time of day
All I have to do is say the word
Haven't you heard that you're a cartoon girl
Not sure I'm cut out for this cardboard world
Maybe it's just me, I like it how it used to be
In the seventies

Its so easy, nothing matters
When it's not real, then nothing's shattered,
Facing life in a world of dreams
Fantasy is what it seems, but
When the night comes, cold and dark
Reality sure leaves its mark
The world's not shot in black and white
What can I do but just close my eyes and
Dream the motion stops


To the money God,
we are cartoon slaves
The latest trendiest trend, the flash sales,
are what we crave
The movie's set to cycle round
The script says we're entitled now
The story won't allow us to go back


Haven't you heard this is a cartoon life
I'm living with a cartoon wife
Wouldn't you agree, we like it how it used to be
In the seventies
Remember how it used to be
In the seventies