From the recording Matala Moon - Single Version

It is the summer of '69 and Joni Mitchell is living in a cave, on a beach, on the Island of Crete. She has recently split from her lover, Graham Nash and finds consolation in the arms of a hippy called Carey. They spend the summer drinking Raki at the Mermaid café, while she is writing her seminal album 'Blue'. This album became the soundtrack to many people’s lives, Al Steele from The Korgis being one of them. Al and his family also spent a summer in Crete and on a pilgrimage to Matala beach, he was suddenly struck with an overwhelming sense of Deja Vue. Meanwhile 5000 miles to the West, Joni has a vivid dream and is transported back 55 years in time - and still it seems like yesterday. Marley Davidson, a pioneering musician from Scotland, brought a chord sequence and chorus melody to The Korgis. With the Joni story in mind, we set about writing the other part of the story over the original. The result was immediately both gorgeous and other-worldly... a term often used to describe Marley's music. Here is Matala moon, our tribute to the original other-wordily pioneering musician, Joni Mitchell.


Last night I had a dream, I was under Cretan skies My Grecian Isle, Bathed in Blue And you were with me too Impossible 'cause, you were always meant to fade away
With silver and a cane, In the Mermaid we will drown
Another round, Raki again
We said goodbye but then
Here you are, Red devil standing right in front of me
Matala moon is in my eyes
Lead me to a place I used to know so well Takes me back
Matala Moon we said goodbye And you never can go back
Only in dreams
It's the closest thing to being in love SOLO
Being in love, was never enough for you
For you and I
I follow the shoreline down
To where Joni got back her smile
Take me back
I'm standing where they once stood
The moon and stars, paint a
It's the closest thing to being in love
Matala Moon those pretty lies
Have brought me to that face I used to know so well
Takes me back
Matala moon your devil smile I thought I could erase Only in dreams
It's the closest thing to being in love